A Bridge Between 

Composition & Sound Design

My name is Mauricio Silva Orendain, I am a composer and diverse keyboards player from Mexico City currently based in Basel, Switzerland. My current works explore the bridges between timbre, orchestration and microtonality, specifically on unconventional organs and synthesisers. All with the aim to recall the importance of physical vibrations and their direct influence on the listeners experience and on the sound sculpture of a piece.  

2021 I had the unique opportunity of coming in contact with a brad new instrument; the Experimentalorgel at St. martins Church in Kassel, Germany. This happening triggered a new artistic concept in my music. Having the opportunity to work with such a flexible instrument for long periods of time opened my ears and mind to new compositional concepts giving birth to my current research project A Bridge Between Composition & Sound Design. This project explores the particular and specific sounds of the organs at St. Martins Church in Kassel, Germany and treats each single pipe as an individual instrument full of unexpected possibilities, opening thus a new pallet of soundscapes for composing and inevitably building a bridge between music theory and sound synthesis. 

I am currently commissioned to compose for the Grosse Orgel at St. Martins Church in Kassel, Germany for the upcoming International Organ Festival 2022 "Brandneu", as well as by Les Arts Scéniques in Basel, Switzerland to compose the music for their new Theater Production Neus Vom Tage. As an extension of my research project A Bridge Between Composition & Sound Design I will perform a an immersive audio Sound Installation at Bscene Festival 2022 in Basel entitled Immersive Soundscapes.